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Ashtead Bowling Club - Coaching

Coaching at Ashtead: the what and when?

Three elements for 2018:

  1. if you’re uncomfortable about your delivery, want to improve your bowling skills, or just want someone neutral, objective and trained to talk to about anything to do with bowls, feel free get in touch with one of the coaches anytime. They will arrange to meet you either simply to talk things through, or some practical one-to-one coaching, as soon as possible
  2. otherwise, here’s some of the more structured things coaches have arranged to do for 2018 so far. Help’s available to anyone who wants it – take your pick!
    • from the start of the season, an hour Wednesday early-evenings - and at other times by arrangement - on the green, with the focus very much on ‘fixing’ any issues – sign-up on the noticeboard, do
    • etiquette up-date on the web-site 
    • head-reading sessions – look out for news of these
    • early-season pre-match practising. Certainly ahead of the first few East Surrey League games
    • some Club events designed to include experience of different roles, shots and game-formats – sign-up when the events are advertised.
  3. being fortunate as we are to have so many qualified coaches, the Playing Committee has asked them to as often as possible be represented at the regular club playing sessions (Monday evenings, Men’s and Ladies’ ‘nights’ for example, and to be ready to privately offer coaching input as appropriate – take-up entirely up to you!).

... and the who?

  • For anything about playing (performance, skills and how to play the game) get in touch with any of our qualified coaches:
    • Pam Bennett
    • Mike Bradford
    • John Crowley
    • Rita Marlow
    • Kate Mole
    • Anne Sexton
    • Sheila Wadsworth
    • John Willmer
  • For help with marking, qualified markers include:
    • Judy Davies
    • Rita Marlow
    • David Crook
  • For laws, rules, solving disputes, it’s our umpires:
    • David Crook
    • Des Hanreck