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OUR CLUB - who does what, and where to find stuff in 2019!

12 Mar 2019

We’ve started! Yes, as foreshadowed in your membership letter, here’s the first of the chunks of information designed to help improve your experience of bowling, and our club!

We hope you’ll find the attached tables helpful in both finding out who does things and who to go to for what. 

It’s the first of half-a-dozen updates we’ll issue over the next few weeks. The idea is to

  • give you information/reminders about our club and game
  • get you to let us know if there are any gaps - stuff you’d like to know but can’t find
  • publish by emailing to all and updating our site (click on the 'Bowling at Ashtead' side-heading)
  • get you to print out at your end if you want paper versions (there will be one paper version of all updates on the board and one in the club folder kept on the desk).

As you’ll know from the past few years, we want to shift pretty much all communications, including eventually team selection, to email/our site. We’re getting there, and interestingly:

  • more than 97% of our membership has email/internet access, but
  • looking across recent emailings from the club, roughly only 75% appear to read them!
  • so, we'll need all members' help so that we can rely on this channel as the cheapest, least burdensome and quickest method of communicating to all.

Thanks all,



John Willmer

(on behalf or your Joint Playing Committee)