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Ashtead Bowls Club - New Bowlers

This page is for those people who have never played or watched bowls who want a brief introduction to the game before deciding whether they want to join a club. You will find on this page a short Introductory video, an article written by someone who tried one of our free "taster sessions" and a few words from us linking the two to what happens at Ashtead- the "Ashtead Way". The video we have chosen is just under 4 minutes long and was made in California (could it be a retired Hollywood producer?) so some of the terms they use are different from ours and their dress code most certainly is but the amount of information they manage to impart in those 3.8 minutes is significant. At 152,000 hits and counting it is by far and away the most watched bowls video on You Tube; so it must be doing something right and there must be an awful lot of people interested in taking up bowling (or do they just like looking at a man in white shorts)- enjoy......!

"The Ashtead Way"

The way Ashtead do things, with the different types of fixtures and events available and the large number of members involved in voluntary activity is set out on the pages "Welcome- Looking to Join ABC" so please visit that page for more information.
One important 
difference between how we do things and what you have seen in the video is our dress code. 
When playing in a representative match or on finals weekend members are expected to wear 'Club Colours' which means club shirts plus dark navy blue 'lower half' that includes shirts, trousers and skirts. 
At other times at the club we are more relaxed about dress code - more details in the club.
Bowls shoes of any colour are mandatory on the green. If you go to the Photo Galleries page you will see members in their club kit.