Ashtead Bowls Club

Ashtead Bowls Club - Do's and Don't's

  • Do enjoy!
  • Don’t walk behind the head when another bowler is bowling – watch what’s going on!
  • Don’t walk behind the cricket screen in the over the bowler is bowling away from it at the batsman at the far end – watch what’s going on!
  • Do be careful when you use the cricket club carpark – this relatively small space belongs to them, remember
  • Do read up on what to wear on the green – see our Dress Code and check match requirements
  • Do read up on etiquette – particularly no walking through the head, and make sure you signal effectively, and remember…
  • ... Do enjoy… compliment your opposition always (and get them a drink afterwards). Remember, there’s absolutely no harm in winning… especially if it’s for our club!


(Loads more of course, including that there’s always help needed before and after the matches, both to prepare and tidy up our green, our kitchen and our clubhouse.)